The HECA librarians were chosen as one of the pilot groups in the national forum professional development framework pilot scheme. We are blogging our PD activities during the course of the pilot in WordPress blogs/eportfolios. Being librarians we decided to use WordPress “categories” to clasify each post/activity to  the typology of professional development for each post.

typology pd

And we decided to use tags to mark each post to the domains


We chose to do this in a group collaboration meeting as we thought that each type of activity would have a discreet typology, but that it may map onto several domains. In this, our second meeting that I attended, I mentored as I am familiar with WordPress. But primarily it was a collaboration and we worked as a group to make decisions. As we always say at these things it’s so inspiring to meet each other and any occasion that allows us to do it is great.

As an aside the food in the students’ training restaurant was sublime.


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