Wrote catalogue notes for exhibition on migrants for the library- this is a first for us and we will be joining it to an online exhibition. Need to learn Omeka.


Koha email list – learning how to do acquisitions. I began the list and it hasn’t been used much. I hope to kickstart it and lead the community a little bit.

Began using the Outlook/Office 365 project management tool for the Delegated Authority  project


What is professional development?

I was nominated to represent the group in the project and suggest a definition of professional develooment. Here are some starts and what I sent in.

Striving to improve myself in my profession, seeking to improve my profession.

Seeking recognition for the change and development I have undergone and that the profession does. Seeking to keep up to date with changes as far as possible.

This sounded better last night.


Professional development means me striving to improve myself in my professional life. It also indicates a goal of me striving to improve my profession and its recognition. It also means recognition and validation of that development externally. I believe it also should include seeking such improvement in those around me and in recognising that and using it to manage, measure, and reward performance in an organisational environment.

On a basic level professional development includes updating skills and upskilling, but it should also seek to interrogate and inform the professional, ethical, and philosophical standards.


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