Using Mendeley,Mendeley web, and Word for a reading list – we have tended to support Zotero. Digital capacity, professional skills

I realised that in order to support students better I had really better learn to use Mendeley for a good sized project. Just “learning” it makes no sense if I want to get an idea of the challenges that a student might face. I made the foolish decision to do this with a document due in to QQI very soon. I think the decision was time based: I wanted to support Mendeley for the students as soon as possible. This compromised my support work for the faculty on this occasion.

In general though I appreciate having decided to support Mendeley after the amount of effort sunk into Zotero. I think it expresses my confidence in my colleague Dimphne who now supports this that I wholly trust her in this and am supporting her efforts by helping the minority of students who have a strong preference for Mendeley.

I also attended webinars on Mendeley and supporting researchers before doing this.

Informal, non-accredited


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