Large documents in Word. I was mainly at this to ensure a uniformity in document production in the college, that is it was assumed and I assumed that there would be nothing I didn’t know here. I wanted to learn a uniformity of approach to help me insist on it for those handing documents to me. As it happened I learned a couple of things and it was very useful, but more importantly I got another chance to observe teaching in action.

Again (as with the QGIS) there were detailed notes and files for working on. We did this in a training lab and I was very impressed at the pacing. I wasn’t waiting too long at any point or left behind, it started and finished on time with little time wasted. This is respectful of the professional cadre of people there and was appreciated. It should be noted that there was a “difficult” student there and the lab tech spent most (if not all after the student arrived late) of their time supporting them. This left the trainer time to deal with everyone else without being derailed by the disruptive influence. I really think any hands on session has to assume that there will be difficult students there requiring most of our attention and that we need teaching support for that. I’ve volunteered to do this for colleagues in the past.


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